#feeling proud
Check all the bloggers and certainly The Cherry Blossom.



First of all I want to thank one of my favorite bloggers therooftopview  for nominating me. Her blog is about fashion, food and beauty. She has great style you should definitely check out her blog.

I created my  blog in September 2016. I have always been interested in fashion and I was for many years following bloggers like whowhatwear and Chiara Ferragni  for fashion inspiration. So I wanted create a platform where I could also share my style and my fashion inspiration. So with the help and motivation of my friends I started a blog where I could share all my thoughts and possibly inspire others as well.

While I am still considered a new blogger there are two lesson that I have learned and I think are vey important when you start a blog:

  • Make sure that you are consistent with your posts.
  • Your blog should be a reflection of your…

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